One to One Coaching - Adult & Youth

Personalised one to one sessions are designed to maximise training results!

As a strength and conditioning coach I like to take a scientific approach to the training session. The initial session will include testing and ongoing assessments followed by continual analysis and reviewing of results. I will then provide personalised specific session plans.

Specialist Fields - Strength and Conditioning, Sports Performance Training ,Corrective Exercise, Ante and Post-natal, Weight loss and Nutrition.

Duration – 60 min sessions

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Group & team Coaching - Adult & Youth

This is designed for 2 or more athletes, clients, sport teams or sports academies to share the specific training session.

Following the same principles as a "One to One" session.

Duration - Multiple options available, ranging from 60 minutes to full day coaching sessions.

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Corrective Exercise & Rehabilitation

As a Corrective Exercise Specialist I use the NASM model of practise. This includes providing initial testing and assessments, upon analysis of the data i will create a specific corrective exercise plan which will include releasing, lengthening and activation techniques followed by integrated movements to help correct any dysfunctions or imbalances in the body.

Injury rehabilitation, provides specific exercise plans for any sports injuries to help with the recovery process and also help in the prevention of any further injuries.

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I designed the Workshops to offer educational training for those wanting to learn and develop new techniques. Whether for their own personal training or for professional development, they have been designed for any level to attend.

Workshops include: Corrective exercise, Squats, Deadlifts, Speed Plyo and Agility and Olympic Lifting.

"The idea is great - a brilliant complement to personal training or any other fitness plan. Whether your goals are specific to a sport, or just to improve your fitness for everyday life, the workshops can make a huge difference." - Fiona Armstrong

Duration - 6 weeks long, running in various locations.

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Online Coaching

I understand it can be difficult to attend regular sessions or get to a certain location. So to overcome this challenge, I also offer Online Coaching programmes and ongoing assistance.

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